Novo Nordisk

For more than three decades, Novo Nordisk has been committed to Changing Haemophilia™. NovoSeven® was an innovation of its time, and remains the only recombinant medication available to people with Congenital haemophilia with inhibitors, Glanzmanns Throbasthenia, FVII deficiency, Acquired Haemophilia even today.

In addition to the discovery and development of effective and safe biological medicines, we work with our global partners to advocate  and create better access to diagnosis and multidisciplinary care with a focus on joint health, early & rapid bleed control. We are committed to invest in the discovery and development of advanced, safe and innovative biological treatments for people living with haemophilia and rare bleeding disorders

We aim for a future where all people living with haemophilia can live a life with as few limitations as possible.